California ACEP 2021 Legislative Review


Written by Valerie Norton, IEPC Member and President-Elect, California ACEPand Elena Lopez-Gusman, Executive Director – California ACEP California ACEP had a busy year with critical issues of pandemic, workforce, payment threats, and mental health boarding. Here is a summary of some of the legislative activity that was Valerie Norton IEPC Member and President-Elect, California ACEP Elena Lopez-Gusman Executive Director – … Read More



Written byRobert McNamara, MD The AAEM Physician Group suit against Envision (EmCare) is a momentous event for our specialty and our patients. (1) Every EM physician needs to understand this filing and to encourage their colleagues to join in the fight against corporate control. The future of EM is at stake. AAEM is our best hope as no one else … Read More

Watch Out for Anthem’s Latest Ploy


Written by Andy SelesnickChair of Health Care Litigation at Buchalter Health insurance companies spend tremendous amounts of time, energy, and money to create policies that result in them not paying providers. For both in and out-of-network emergency physicians, Anthem’s latest is something else. Over a year ago, Anthem’s Special Investigative Unit (SIU) began looking at emergency physician E&M codes and … Read More

SB-864 Tyler’s Law


Written by Roneet Lev, MDExecutive Director, IEPC SB-864 was introduced by Senator Melissa Melendez on January 20, 2022. It is named after Tyler, a boy who went to a California emergency department with his mother after an overdose and was reported to have no opioids in his system. Tyler’s mom Juli was assured that he had no fentanyl in his … Read More

Front Line Heroes


Originally published by the San Diego Union Tribune on January 23, 2022 By Paul SissonVideography By Nelvin C. Cepeda, John Kelley, Sam Hodgson Dr. Clay Whiting, IEPC member, was featured in Front-Line Voices with the San Diego Union Tribune. Here is an excerpt of the article in the San Diego Union Tribune. On Dec. 31, Dr, Clayton Whiting was feeling … Read More

Stop Calling It Boarding – It’s ED Psychiatric Care


Written by Roneet Lev, MDExecutive Director, IEPC I had the honor of discharging a 23-year-old patient with autism, let’s call him Austin, who presented to the emergency department on a 5150 psychiatric hold due to violent behavior. There were no locked mental health beds in the area and so Austin remained in our emergency department for two weeks. Austin awoke … Read More

TMA Sues Feds Over Unfair Rule for Surprise Billing Law

rachelArticles, Updates

Originally published on October 29, 2021Updated November 2, 2021 [Austin, TX] — The Texas Medical Association (TMA) filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Tyler, Texas, after the Biden administration failed to follow clear direction from Congress about how to implement the dispute resolution process set forth in the No Surprises Act, legislation that was passed in 2020 to … Read More

IEPC Newsletter – November 2021


Click here to view a PDF of the newsletter. In this issue: • Stop Calling It Boarding – It’s ED Psychiatric Care • California ACEP 2021 Legislative Review • California Hospital Association 2021 Update • AAEM Highlights of Legal Advocacy For Independent Emergency Physicians • Trigger Point Injections • Viewpoint In Emergency Medicine News • IEPC Speaker Series