"IEPC is truly the Best of Both Worlds! The dedication and strong commitment and loyalty of a small independent group of Emergency Physicians who are an integral part of the local community ALONG WITH the Strength of a large multi site Physician group when it comes to data analysis, best practices, bench marking and policy collaboration. This is the most intelligent practice solution for both physicians and hospitals in todays medical environment."
Chad Clark, MD, Parkview Community Hospital
Riverside, CA
Riverside Emergency Physicians Medical Group
"As the practice of medicine continues to get more and more complex, it's important to have trusted colleagues with whom to share information, ideas and solutions. This is why EEMG is happy to be part of the IEPC. We are committed to the independent practice of emergency care but understand that staying current and fresh in this complicated world can be challenging. Our involvement in the IEPC helps keep us in sync with Emergency Medicine regulations and guidelines while also providing a network of other independent physicians we can rely on."
Nathalie Coeller, MD, Eden Medical Center
Castro Valley, CA
Eden Emergency Medical Group
"I believe that IEPC gives small groups the opportunity to provide the efficiencies of large groups and still retain the quality and personal relationships of a single hospital group."
Paul Kivela, MD, Queen of the Valley Medical Center
Napa Valley, CA
"IEPC provides vast networking opportunities and an almost instantaneous ability to learn from the experience of others, all of which has proven invaluable in my day to day interactions with both hospital administration and my medical group."
Dave Ketelaar, MD, Marian Regional Medical Center
Santa Maria, CA
MMC Emergency Physicians Medical Group
"With IEPC, we are still independent, but no longer alone."
Michael Gertz, MD, Antelope Valley Hospital
Lancaster, CA
Antelope Valley Emergency Medicine Associates
"IEPC allows us to move out of the "silo" that individual contract groups so often find themselves in. We have the opportunity to share with and learn from our colleagues in other independent groups."
Pete Anderson, MD, Antelope Valley Hospital,
Fountain Valley Regional Hospital
Fountain Valley, CA
Fountain Valley Emergency Physicians (Acute Care)
"The best part of IEPC is the amazing knowledge and years of experience from all the doctors in our group."
Roneet Lev, MD, Scripps Mercy Hospital,
California ACEP Past President
San Diego, CA
Pacific Emergency Physicians
"Sharing ideas, data, and best practices has significantly improved our ability to adapt to new challenges in the rapidly evolving healthcare environment."
Andrew Fenton, MD, California ACEP Past President
Napa Valley, CA
Napa Valley Emergency Medical Group
"For me IEPC is all about the people. EM is a tight knit community that serves patients on the front line of California's healthcare system. In this era of rapid and sometimes irrational change, it is great to have so many bright and articulate fellow independent EM physicians collaborating, exchanging ideas, and methodologies, and looking out for what is best for both patients and EM physicians. There is strength in our commitment and resolve to continue to work together to improve our Emergency departments, hospitals, and the patient care experience."
Steve Sornsin, MD, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
Berkeley and Oakland, CA
Berkeley Emergency Medical Group
"IEPC members are the minute men of emergency medicine. They are tireless advocates for the little guy in the West Coast. With the push for large contracting, we felt the need to contribute to the small independent groups and have benefited from the experience of others."
Danner Hodgson, MD, Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital
Grass Valley, CA
Swope Medical Group Inc.