November 2021
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In this issue:
– Stop Calling It Boarding – It’s ED Psychiatric Care
– California ACEP 2021 Legislative Review
– California Hospital Association 2021 Update
– AAEM Highlights of Legal Advocacy For Independent Emergency Physicians
– Trigger Point Injections
– Viewpoint In Emergency Medicine News
– IEPC Speaker Series
September 2021
IEPC Newsletter – September 2021
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In this issue:
– The Deadly Cost of Psychiatric Boarding
– Emergency Personnel Are Scared Not of COVID, But of Violence
– Emergency Physician Staffing in the Wake of COVID
– Conflict of Interest of United Healthcare and Yale’s Study on Surprise Billing
– $3.8 Million Awarded to Physician Serves as Important Reminder About Fair Hearing Rights
– NEW IEPC Member Insurance Benefits Now Available!
July 2021
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In this issue:
– San Diego’s Scripps Health Ransomware Attack
– IEPC Speaker Series
– Fentanyl Drug Testing
– New IEPC Member Insurance Benefits
– Pediatric Cannabis Poisoning
– Insisting on Commando
March 2021
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In this issue:
– Changing the Game
– Procedural Pain Management in a Community Emergency
– Department: A pilot study of feasibility & efficacy
– The BE WELL Orange County Campus
– 31st Annual Legislative Leadership Conference
– Concurrent COVID Infections
January 2021
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In This Issue:
– Where is the Public and the Health in Drug Policies?
– CalACEP an Ally for Independent Emergency Doctors
– A collision of epidemics: Coronavirus disrupts addiction treatment
– Lev Featured on Episode of Frontline Podcast
– Fenton Receives ACEP Meritorious Service Award
September 2020
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In This Issue:
– Building a telehealth program in the Emergency Department during COVID-19
– COVID-19 Testing in the Coachella Valley
– Congress Must Pass MAT Act to Save Lives
– Add Fentanyl to your Toxicology Screen
– IEPC Members respond to Legislative Call to Action
– Podcast: ACEP Frontline
– Emergency Care at Risk
July 2020
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In this issue:
-You Are Our Nation’s Heroes
-OCD Without the “D”
-IEPC Groups in the Time of COVID
-PPP- A Gift or a Bomb in the Birthday Cake
-Congratulations to newly elected California ACEP Board Members
-Emergency Medicine National Leadership
-Tax Attorney Addresses IEPC
-Labor Attorney Addresses IEPC
-CME Tip
February 2020
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In this Issue:
-Emergency Care at Risk
– Building an Alternatives to Opioid Program in the Emergency Department
-The Loss of a Giant: A Tribute to Peter Rosen
October 2018
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In this Issue:
-Op/Ed Editors Note
-Legislation Action Update
-Are All Independent Contractors now Employees?
-Congratulations to Our IEPC Superstars!
-In the News
June 2018
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In this Issue:
-A Gift to the Next Generation of Emergency Physicians: The Legacy of Dr. Peter Anderson 
-Bad Ideas – Larry Stock
-Is California Ready for the Next Earthquake?
-California ACEP Board of Directors Election
-In The News 
March 2018
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December 2017
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October 2017
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In this Issue:
Introductions from the Monterrey Bay Emergency Physicians• Introduction to the Berkeley Emergency Medical Group• Introduction to the Napa Valley Emergency Medical Group• The “90” Minute Hour• In The News
July 2017
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