Emergency Care At Risk


Physicians who are small business owners are at risk for extinction by big business consolidation

  • Many emergency physicians are small business owners and not hospital or corporate employees.
  • They live and work in the community and have a vested interest to promote the best emergency care for their family and friends.
  • Hospital consolidations and large health insurance companies have threatened the small business practice for physicians who devote their life to their patients and community.
  • Giving money to big corporations to distribute for emergency services means giving leverage and tipping the scale in favor of big business over small business emergency physicians.
  • Small business emergency physicians have been bullied by large corporations and driven out of the marketplace. We at IEPC want to protect small business emergency doctors.

STOP surprise billing
SUPPORT full price transparency
DON’T destroy small business emergency physicians

  • Patients should not have to choose between life and debt
  • We, the independent small business emergency physicians believe in stopping surprise billing and in price transparency.
  • We have been there! Although we are doctors in the emergency department, we and our family get emergency department bills just like everyone else.
  • However, there is a difference between a hospital bill and the emergency physician bill. We stand by our billing fees as fair. The emergency doctor bill is rarely over $750 or $1000.
  • Look at the survey result of emergency physician fees. The emergency department doctor bill is a small fraction of the total hospital bill.
  • Giving money to hospitals and insurance companies instead of directly to the doctors for their services gives an upper hand in negotiations to big corporations over small business physicians.
  • Emergency Care Can't Stop at the Insurance Denials — But higher volumes of denied claims harm doctors and patients alike

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Who Is IEPC?
We are your neighbors and constituents

  • Independent Emergency Physicians Consortium, IEPC is a group of small business emergency department owners who collaborate for best practices for their patients and community.
  • As small business owners we are more cost efficient by eliminating middles management, recruitment fees and large overhead expenses.
  • As small business owners we have less bureaucracy than large corporations and can make fast changes to meet the needs of the hospital and patients.
  • IEPC physicians are dedicated to their community. We are your neighbor. We send our children to local schools, shop at local grocery store, and volunteer in various local causes.

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