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About IEPC
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Independent emergency department physician groups are a unique and precious resource in the specialty of emergency medicine. Independent groups offer physicians the potential for ownership, self-determination, and democratic group decision-making. However, the number of small, independent ED groups has been decreasing in California over the past decade. Large, multi-hospital groups offer practice management services and sophisticated marketing that can be very enticing to hospitals as they strive for the best value and reliability in staffing their EDs.

We believe that independent groups offer a unique combination of commitment, longevity, and engagement in community and hospital affairs that hospital CEOs should value and seek to retain. IEPC represents independent groups from all over California. Our organization provides a platform to improve our business and clinical practices while maintaining the independence of each member group. Through IEPC, hospitals gain the administrative advantages of a large group while maintaining the engagement and long-term commitment of a smaller independent group.  

To unite independent emergency department groups for the purpose of collaboration and protection of the independent practice.

IEPC (Independent Emergency Physician Consortium) is an association of independent emergency physician groups whose purpose is collaborating on best business and clinical practices, sharing recources, and protecting the independent physician practice.
How is IEPC working to achieve
those goals?

  • Collection and blinded dissemination of ED performance analytics

  • Assistance with ED data management

  • Dissemination of clinical best practices

  • Cooperative Purchasing for various business needs

  • Job posting capability for physician recruitment

  • Risk management and malpractice services

  • Technology consulting services

  • Individualized Annual Report for each member about their group activities

  • Site Survey to improve clinical and practice management

  • Marketing Services.

  • Apex Workplace Solution Sexual Harrassment Training.

  • Human Resources Repository.

  • Resume Sharing.  

Interested in becoming a member? Click here!
  • Members must be independent emergency physician groups with 4 or fewer hospital ED contracts

  • All members must sign a non-disclosure agreement for privacy reasons

  • All members must sign a non-compete agreement

  • Certain exceptions to the above are allowed--contact us for more information


Founders Image The founders of IEPC are a diverse consortium of emergency department groups in California bound by the common goal of strengthening their practice, learning from each other, and providing superior health care. The groups range in size from smaller community hospitals to large urban teaching institutions with trauma centers. Our physicians are experts in emergency medicine, have served as presidents of California ACEP, and have been extensively involved in local, state, and national politics. They have authored books, published research, served as expert witnesses, and performed nation-wide quality reviews. They are well-known speakers and educators. All groups are small businesses owned by independent emergency physicians whose doctors have an intimate bond with their community and their hospital.
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